• Band of Skulls – Sweet Sour

    I can’t get this song out of my head. Probably because I’m a soup sandwich.“Sweet Sour” or possibly because I’m sour by the minute and sweeter…

  • Jack and Gary

    The part where we see the Amex Unstaged concert of Jack White directed by the amazing Gary Oldman.

  • Metric – Youth Without Youth

    It’s been out for a few weeks, but I never managed to mention the new Metric single “Youth Without Youth”. Let me clear that up. I love this song. They had me from the first glam rock chords. Emily’s voice was missed in the last few months since I dug out ‘Fantasies’ and had a listen.

  • Garbage – Beloved Freak

    I’m Really digging the new record, this song is so achingly sweet. A song to sing to a friend having a bad day, or a song you listen do during yours. A big hug from Shirley. Thanks man.

  • Just Jack

    I was late to The White Stripes party. Dark places don’t have music. White Stripes happened in my time vacuum. They came into my world like…