Before you’re lost between the notes…

Never have I ever been so wrong as I was about Radiohead. I heard (and liked) “Creep” then promptly dismissed them as a novelty song act and that was it. I saw them in Vegas open for Tears for Fears in like ’93 or ’94 and spent most of that in the bar. I was disinterested. I was an idiot.

When I finally got around to listening to ‘The Bends’ I started paying attention, and when ‘OK Computer’ came out I was floored. It quickly became one of those records for me that I can’t just listen to a song or two, it begs (and deserves) to be listened to from start to finish. It bounces from a dystopian present-future artificial robotic planet to the dissatisfaction of a life in modern mundania. It’s my album of disharmony, the album that empathizes with the caged soul. It’s an album to pace to. Should you have 54 minutes. Listen.

Radiohead – OK Computer (Full Album)

I’ve always felt these songs were very much mine
Radiohead – Just

Radiohead – No Surprises

this is probably my favorite track from ‘OK Computer’. It was written to be in the Baz Luhrman movie version of ‘Romeo + Juliet’ (a movie I thought I’d hate but ended up loving much like Radiohead) but sadly the song wasn’t included. The transition from a small plaintive voice to the powerful climax of the song always gets me.

And you can laugh a spineless laugh,
we hope your rules and wisdom choke you.

Radiohead – Exit Music (For A Film)

For the last few days I’ve had 3 newer Radiohead songs bouncing around in my brain and I can’t decide if there’s something about the lyrics or the emotion or just the way they sound that keeps them there. I’ve stopped trying to figure it out. If it matters my subconscious will find another way to get the message across when I’m too dense to get it.

Radiohead – Jigsaw Falling Into Place

Radiohead – House of Cards

This video always makes me want to dance, lol.
Radiohead – Lotus Flower

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