Guilty Pleasure Music

The music I like but won’t often fess up to liking. It’s not something that happens often, I am after all much too cool (and old) for Bieber Fever; but here are some songs I like that might call my amazing musical taste into question. Try not to judge, I dare you.

First up I love, LOVE, LOVE this video, not just the song. On Friday while listening to this at work I was joking about learning the dance. It also conjures my favorite moment ever from Glee. You want to know how much I love this video… it’s on my phone.
Beyonce – Single Ladies
Kurt – Single Ladies

Want your bad romance

Lady Gaga – Bad Romance
Gaga, fetish wear, hot dance moves, and an overall great dance song. What’s not to love?!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, take your partners please, for the gayest of gay tangos” – Andy Bell
I’ve loved Erasure from the first time I heard the guy from Yaz was in a new band. This is how you know 1) I smoked cloves 2) I had a lot of gay friends and 3) I danced my ass off every weekend for over a decade. I won’t apologize for loving Erasure. *grin*
Erasure – Love To Hate You
Erasure – Star

and since we’re going there…
I once did this entire video lip synched for a drama assignment in high school because I couldn’t be bothered to memorize the part of a play I was assigned. I even had the eye patch, super-aqua netted hair, and black box jacket (which was the staple of my clubbing outfit). The next quarter I switched to Debate.
Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round

I love disco. Yes. I know. I even loved it when it was uncool. I know the hustle. I had a gay uncle who lived with us while he went to college in the 70’s. The depth of breadth of my disco knowledge doesn’t end with the several thousand 45 singles he left me when he died, but the love that I have for all the music he shared by dancing around our living room with me to it. ABBA was our favorite.
ABBA – Take A Chance On Me
ABBA – Does Your Mother Know
ABBA – Super Trouper

At least once a month I see a picture of Ricky Martin and say “¿por qué? Ricky ¿por qué?” I should be happy he’s gay, we’d be much better friends. Yes, I loved these songs, and who can deny he’s just so damn pretty?!

Ricky Martin – Maria
Ricky Martin – She Bangs
Ricky Martin – Livin’ La Vida Loca

This show was so fucking hot, literally. Somewhere in the wall of hair 3 heads deep is me, high, banging my head like the rest of the lemmings.
Tool – Sweat

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