Lana Del Rey

There’s a kind of fragile beauty under that dolled up modern trashy interpretation of old Hollywood glamour. Which actually is the perfect metaphor for Hollywood…

Lyrically there’s only bits and pieces of her songs that resonate with me, it’s more the feel that I understand, the haunted longing. There’s a certain desperate strength to her music; a tough-girl front that masks a vulnerability you instinctively want to protect. I fear at some point it’ll feel like she’s trying too hard and I’ll lose interest but not just yet.

I’m glad to hear her live, I worried the entire sound was a fabrication. I’m pleasantly surprised. I actually like the little waver in her voice, it adds to the vulnerability.

Lana Del Rey – Video Games (live on Jools Holland 11 Oct. 2011)

Lana Del Rey – Blue Jeans (Live at the Premises)

and a couple of tracks that haven’t hit heavy rotation yet

Lana Del Rey – Kill Kill

Lana Del Rey – You Can Be The Boss

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