LP – Lost on You

It’s not often I listen to a song, or in this case watch a video that leaves me speechless. I will admit to spending the first bit of time trying to figure out who this Harry Styles lookalike was and why the fuck I’d never heard of LP before. Then she hit those high notes and my brain just sort of melted. I realize I’m late to the LP party, hell, I think the US in it’s entirety is late to this party, it seems like the world has already figured out that LP is something amazing. Her sound is different than anything else out there, her range is glass-shatteringly impressive. The song is well-crafted and just enough pop to be accessible but not too much. The music has a decidedly international flair, which is probably why it’s appealed to the world… and then there is LP herself. I’m not sure you could write about her music on it’s merits alone, especially when it comes in such a drop dead sexy package. The swagger here is off the charts. This is Mick Jagger level swagger. I want more.

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