Oh yes, Monday.

I remember the first time I found this piece by Goethe, I fell in love with it. One decade slipped into two and it’s still profound and still resonates. I spent years debating whether to have it inked permanently into my skin, and when I did I spent months finding the perfect font. Sadly in order to do the script justice the tattoo would have needed to be larger than would have looked good, so instead I’ll keep it here, and in my heart.

Feiger Gedanken
Bängliches Schwanken,
Weibisches Zagen,
Ängstliches Klagen
Wendet kein Elend,
Macht dich nicht frei.

Allen Gewalten
Zum Trutz sich erhalten,
Nimmer sich beugen,
Kräftig sich zeigen,
Rufet die Arme
Der Götter herbei!