Playlist for week ending 10/28

4AD is a record label, but more than that, for a long time it was an aesthetic. A feel, a look… the artists all had a certain sound, the album art was mostly done by one studio; one artist and I would buy everything that came out on that record label, knowing that I’d like it. These are a few songs I love:

On the floating, shipless, oceans
I did all my best to smile
til your singing eyes and fingers
drew me loving into your eyes.
And you sang “Sail to me, sail to me,
Let me enfold you.”
Here I am, here I am
waiting to hold you.

Did I dream you dreamed about me?
Were you here when I was full sail?
Now my foolish boat is leaning,
broken lovelorn on your rocks.
For you sang “Touch me not, touch me not,
Come back tomorrow.”
Oh my heart, oh my heart shies from the sorrow.

I’m as puzzled as a newborn child.
I’m as riddled as the tide.
Should I stand amid the breakers?
Or shall I lie with death my bride?
Here me sing: “Swim to me, swim to me,
Let me enfold you.”

Here I am, Here I am, waiting to hold you.”

This Mortal Coil – Kangaroo

another few from one of my favorite bands and sadly one I’ve never seen live but would walk through fire to see them. They reinforce my belief that if God exists surely he lives in music.
Dead Can Dance – Rakim

Dead Can Dance – Sanvean

Dead Can Dance – Ulysses

Elizabeth Frasier of the Cocteau Twins chose to make her lyrics nonsense to instead focus on the sound of her voice and how it wrapped around the notes. To use her voice as simply an instrument. It made some of the most gorgeous haunting music I’ve ever heard. I had the great pleasure of seeing them live, it was transcendent.
Cocteau Twins – Carolyn’s Fingers

Cocteau Twins – Cherry-Coloured Funk

Cocteau Twins – Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drop

and the most recognized bands to release records on 4AD
Bauhaus – She’s In Parties

Bauhaus – Spirit

and my favorite album cover *grin*
Pixies – Where Is My Mind?

Pixies – Wave of Mutilation (UK Surf)