Playlist for week ending 3/9

A couple of things I noticed:
1) I need to change the look of this blog. lol I’m bored with it.
B) It’s been too long since I posted.

I haven’t been typing, I have been listening to music.
I overheard some teenage boys talking about Gotye so I guess he’s gone like Lana Del Rey to the big times, so now we shall shun them publicly for becoming too famous for our indie cred to handle while simultaneously reminding everyone that we were talking about them months and months ago (+5 indie cred). Like the Morrissey song says “We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful“. I’m going to try to overcome my inherent lameness and just be glad for the success of those deserving and not be the ‘I’m too cool for you’ aging hipster douchebag I secretly am on the inside ;)

Here’s what I’m liking this week:

“Do Ya Thing” – Gorillaz featuring Andre 300 and James Murphy (and the artwork of the genius Jamie Hewlett)
In truth I find the video kind of disturbing, maybe it’s 2D’s cavernous, dead, black eyes or the bowl of ears? (seriously wtf ears?) but I’ve loved Andre 3000 for ages and there’s nothing I don’t like about The Gorillaz. Who incidentally I saw before I heard and when I saw Jamie Hewlett’s artwork on a screen I kinda flipped out and started shouting “wait, what the hell is that, turn up the volume, that’s Jamie Hewlett I’d know his art anywhere!”. So thanks Gorillaz for giving the only comic book artist I follow plenty of work and thanks Jamie for being cool enough to hook up with The Gorillaz.

“This Head I Hold” – Electric Guest
I love watching this guy move. There’s a retro sound that seems to becoming really popular, it’s a little Motown, a little Brill Building… the first time I heard this song I wanted to dance, and I wondered if Smoky Robinson had heard it. I’m interested to hear more.

“Come Home” – Chappo
My advice is not to really pay attention to the video, IMO it detracts from what is honestly a cool little song. I’m going to include it even though it’s on an Apple commercial ;)

“We Are Young” – Fun
Speaking of songs destined for commercials… is this one yet? if not give it 10 minutes. Even still, it’s a great song. This has ‘summer anthem’ written all over it. The video makes me laugh, my favorite part, the guy biting into a stuffed horse and spewing packing peanuts all over, or the random shot of a guy crowd surfing without a crowd.

“My Better Self” – Tennis
No video, just music. It’s worth listening to. Every time I hear this song I’m reminded that I need to get the whole record and listen to it a dozen times, because it’s just that good. Just in case you don’t believe me listen to the video below.I agree with the youtube comment, the drums on this song… sheer bliss.

and last but not least… Pandora’s favorite artist…

“Love Interruption” – Jack White
There’s something so perfect about this song. Who else to write a wistful, sad, love hurts and yet hopeful song but Jack White. I know Jack’s been the indie messiah for years, but if you can get past all the hype… he really is genius. It’s not just that he can write a good song, or that he can look sexy as fuck performing it. He gets it, the whole picture. He gets the lyrics, the sound, the production and the marketing. No, he’s not the only male vocalist with an all female band, but when Robert Palmer did it, it was stupid and borderline offensive. No, Jack has an all girl band who, while dressed beautifully (vintage *swoon*) are musicians first, not models. I’m really excited about his new solo stuff.